ACE’s Clean Water Initiative

Clean drinking water for Floridians is at the forefront of everything we do.

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ACE Septic & Waste is a company built by Floridians, for Floridians; so we are vested in the success and well-being of our state. Woven into the fabric of our core services – inspection, installation, maintenance and repair for commercial and residential customers – is a mission to see every job we do have a positive contribution to clean water in Florida.

Clean Water Initiative Mission Statement:

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ACE Septic & Waste’s Clean Water Initiative is a commitment to investing our time, money, and resources into Florida’s water systems.

Why Does The Florida Aquifer Matter?

The entire state of Florida sits on an aquifer that provides drinking water to over 20 million people. This vital body of water has a varying water table, which can fluctuate as much as fifty inches per year. Florida pays very close attention to the relationship between septic systems and the water table, which includes legislation requiring a specific degree of separation between the highest point of the water table and the drain field. The year your house was built dictates that required separation. See the graphic below.

Chart with a background photo from the Florida everglades. On top is a white chart showing the states Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. All of Florida and the lower portions of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina are covered in a gray color that indicates by they key "buried underground aquifer." There are a few light brown spots in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia that indicate above ground aquifer.

What’s The Problem With Nitrogen?

The purpose of keeping proper separation between septic drainfields and the water table probably feels obvious – but what is the science behind it?

The short answer: nitrogen. 

If water has too much nitrogen pollution it causes an excess growth of bacteria and algae, which uses up oxygen as it decomposes. Furthermore, excess algae and bacteria blocks light to deeper waters and clogs water intakes.

To put it simply: too much nitrogen = bad for drinking water.

Recent studies from the University of Florida show that 20% of nitrogen pollution can be attributed to private septic systems. Florida, coincidentally, is a state with one of the highest number of private septic systems, with over 30% of the population using a private system.

ACE’s Clean Water Initiative in Action

ACE’s role in promoting clean water is two-fold. On one-hand, it’s a part of our company culture, and on the other, in how we work with the state and surrounding counties with initiatives that promote nitrogen reduction and healthy waterways.

Company Culture

Inherent in our hiring process, training programs, and professional development is an attention to legislative regulations and industry-standard practices that contribute to healthy and compliant septic and sewage systems. 

ACE has two primary divisions, commercial and residential. Each of these two divisions, and the respective laws, zoning regulations, and unique septic or sewer challenges are thoughtfully considered by ACE. The way we see it, our work contributes to properly functioning systems, and by extension, keeping harmful pollutants out of the drinking water.

State Grants and Monitoring Programs

ACE’s proudest contribution to its Clean Water Initiative is its involvement in various state and county-led programs. The videos below documents the case study for each, and how we worked with the state or county to make septic systems more efficient, all at little to no cost or impact to the customer.

Using Business For Good

ACE Septic & Waste is one of the fastest growing companies in Florida. We provide top-notch customer service, utilize the latest in septic technology, and are constantly identifying ways to benefit Florida as a whole. Whether we’re serving a residential or commercial customer or working with municipal programs, we expect our team and our work to contribute to this mindset.

We accept our responsibility as a septic company in Florida.

What excites me most about the growth of ACE is our opportunity to use that growth, that platform, and the relationships we build along the way to create a healthier environment for Florida. We all sit on top of an aquifer, we all drink from that aquifer, and we should all have a vested interest in its cleanliness. ACE is uniquely positioned to be change agents in making septic systems, one of the leading nitrogen pollutants of Florida’s groundwater, more efficient and compliant.

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