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ACE Septic & Waste are state-of-the-art commercial lift station design and engineering experts capable of tailoring a design to meet the rigorous demands of commercial enterprises in Florida’s counties. Our approach ensures that your a commercial property’s wastewater management system is not only efficient but also fully compliant with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) standards.

This page will take you through the specifics of Florida commercial lift station designs, including wet well vs. dry well systems, adherence to the 10-state standard, and how ACE’s team is the superior choice for lift station engineering.

DEP Standards

Before breaking ground on a commercial lift station design and engineering project, it’s important to firmly grasp the standards of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for commercial lift stations.


Chapter 62-640.880 in Florida’s Administrative Code defines redundancy as “All biosolids treatment facilities permitted as Type I or Type II biosolids management facilities shall provide reliability features, such as redundancy of equipment, to provide for the continued and timely treatment of all biosolids the facility has the responsibility to treat.”

Or, in other terms, backup systems. A critical piece of ACE’s strategy when designing lift stations is meeting the criteria of this code, and ensuring all key pieces of equipment have backup systems in the place to protect against a failed lift station.

Control Panels:

Our lift station designs incorporate DEP-approved control panels, which are essential for the reliable and safe operation of lift stations. These control panels manage the lift station pumps, alarms, and monitoring systems, ensuring that your wastewater management system operates smoothly and efficiently, under all conditions.

Adherence to the 10-State Standard:

ACE Septic & Waste’s design and engineering services are guided by the 10-state standard for OSTDS. For example, our designs include the provision for generator backup systems for lift stations with capacities exceeding the 3,000 gallon threshold, ensuring uninterrupted service regardless of power outages.

Wet Well Vs. Dry Well Systems

In Florida, the choice between wet well and dry well systems is governed by strict regulations due to the state’s fluctuating groundwater levels. Dry well systems, which allow wastewater to percolate into the soil, are illegal in Florida because they pose a significant risk to the environment. Conversely, wet wells, which are sealed to prevent leakage, are the standard. These systems utilize a force main to transport wastewater to a higher elevation, ensuring safe and efficient wastewater management.

Click to read more about wet and dry well systems.

ACE’s Lift Station Design and Engineering Services

ACE Septic & Waste offers unparalleled expertise in the design, installation, engineering, and maintenance of commercial lift stations. Our services cater to a broad spectrum of commercial needs, from small enterprises to municipal-level operations. As a responsible maintenance entity, we are equipped to provide comprehensive lift station services, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your wastewater management system.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, adherence to environmental standards, and our ability to deliver turnkey solutions for our commercial clients. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are ready to handle projects of any scale, ensuring your lift station is designed and maintained to the highest standards.

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