Aerobic Treatment Unit Septic Maintenance

As a Florida homeowner, an “Aerobic Treatment Unit” (ATU) might be your best option for an effective wastewater treatment solution.

But, while ATUs offer several benefits, it’s essential to understand that they can be more complex and expensive to maintain than conventional septic systems. 

If you need an ATU or are trying to keep up with your current ATU’s demanding maintenance needs, Let At ACE Septic & Waste become your trusted partner. We understand the challenges associated with ATUs and are here to help.

The Complexity of Aerobic Treatment Units

ATUs are advanced wastewater treatment systems that rely on oxygen to break down waste. Complexity arises from their multiple components, including aerators, pumps, and alarms, requiring periodic monitoring and care. This intricate design ensures effective wastewater treatment but can be challenging for homeowners. To see our blog that goes into depth about the maintenance of aerobic treatment units, click here.

Higher Maintenance Costs

Aerobic treatment units typically have higher septic maintenance costs than conventional septic systems. This price increase is primarily due to the need for regular inspections, component replacements, and heavy energy consumption. Additionally, the specialized nature of ATU maintenance requires skilled technicians, further adding to the expenses.

Benefits of Aerobic Treatment Units

Despite the increased maintenance demands and costs, ATUs offer undeniable advantages, especially for Florida homeowners. These benefits include:

Enhanced Wastewater Treatment

ATUs provide superior treatment, producing safe environmental effluent and complying with strict regulatory requirements.

Compact Design

They require less space, making them suitable for properties with limited land availability.


ATUs can be tailored to meet specific site and soil conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

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In some Florida regions, local regulations mandate using ATUs to protect sensitive ecosystems and water bodies.

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