Guide to Lift Station Components

A lift station with an ACE Septic branded sticker on the control panel.

Guide to Lift Station Components At ACE Septic & Waste, we’re renowned among Florida property managers and business owners for our expertise in installing and maintaining commercial and residential lift stations — an essential component in effective wastewater management. We aim to educate our readers and customers on all aspects of septic systems for commercial […]

What is Total Dynamic Head and How Does it Affect Lift Stations?

One of the primary and critical calculations in lift station design, installation, and maintenance that serves as the lynchpin to successful hydraulic operations is Total Dynamic Head (TDH). At ACE Septic & Waste, with offices in Land O’ Lakes and Lecanto, Florida, we understand that TDH isn’t just a mathematical equation; it’s the lifeline of […]

Gravity vs. Forced Main Sewer Systems

An illustration showing a how a pump station collects water before sending it into the force main towards a wastewater facility.

Wastewater management relies on multiple systems working together to overcome environmental and logistic challenges. ACE Septic & Waste strives to educate customers about septic and sewer systems. As part of our lift station guide, this article covers the basics and differences between gravity-fed and forced main sewer systems and how lift stations play an integral […]

12 Contributing Factors to an Ideal Lift Station Design

In wastewater management, lift stations play a crucial role in ensuring that residential or commercial communities have a reliable system for moving wastewater efficiently to treatment plants. Behind every dependable lift station is a well-thought-out design that considers various factors, from site evaluation to environmental regulations.  ACE Septic & Waste is Tampa Bay and Central […]

How to Determine Flow Rate in Lift Stations

After Total Dynamic Head (TDH), measuring flow rate is the next most important calculation in either commercial or residential lift stations. ACE Septic & Waste, we recognize that calculating the flow rate is pivotal in ensuring your lift station can efficiently handle sewage volumes without compromising performance. This article will cover how the flow rate […]

Submersible Pump vs. Dry Well Lift Stations: An ACE Septic & Waste Guide

Two lift station diagrams of a wet well and a dry well.

At ACE Septic & Waste, our expertise lies in providing top-notch wastewater management solutions. In this guide, we’ll clarify the differences between submersible pump and dry well lift stations. Choosing the right lift station type is crucial for effective wastewater management, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications. Understanding these systems’ unique features and functions […]

Lift Station Alarms and Backup Power Systems

A worker inspecting the control panel of a lift station.

At ACE Septic Waste, we understand that an important element of efficient lift station operation is the reliability of its alarm and backup power systems. These systems ensure lift stations’ continuous, compliant, and efficient operation. Like most lift station parts, they’re pretty important. The Importance of Alarms in Lift Stations  A functioning alarm system warns […]

Are You Watching Your Lift Station?

A man watching a lift station be pumped with a septic truck.

Lift stations are crucial for businesses to keep things moving smoothly—out of sight and out of mind. But just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean we should forget about them. Lift stations need regular inspections and maintenance like any other part of your business. Neglecting your lift station can lead to big problems. In […]

Let’s Talk about Wastewater Treatment

An aerial view of a wastewater treatment facility

Wastewater treatment is a vital process in maintaining environmental health and public sanitation. This article covers the function of wastewater facilities and how lift station services contribute to more efficient wastewater treatment and a cleaner Florida. The Role of Wastewater Treatment Facilities  Wastewater treatment facilities treat sewage from residential and commercial sources to remove contaminants […]

How Many Businesses Can Use One Commercial Lift Station?

Running a business in Florida comes with challenges like managing wastewater effectively. With that, commercial real estate managers may find themselves asking how many businesses can connect to a single commercial lift station in Florida. The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it might seem. It depends on various factors, such as […]