Understanding Drain Field Sizes

A worker smoothing dirt walls for a drain field installation.

Many people think that septic systems are sized based on the size of the home or property. Instead, we measure the number of bedrooms and the number of occupants to estimate the daily wastewater flow. Like the rest of the septic system, a drain field’s size is based on the expected daily wastewater flow. However, […]

What to Do When Your High Water Alarm Goes Off

A lift station control panel showing the high water alarm.

At ACE Septic & Waste, we understand that a sounding septic alarm can be, well, alarming. It’s designed to alert you to potential problems like high water levels or pump issues, preventing system overflow and environmental damage. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the components of your specific septic system to ensure […]

2023 Florida Lift Station Compliance Summary

In 2023, the Florida legislature updated Florida’s water and sewer systems statutes to ensure the efficiency and safety of municipal sewer systems. This article simplifies and explains these statutes’ aspects, focusing on lift stations and their compliance requirements. Understanding the Statutes Definition and Scope The statutes define “sewer systems” comprehensively, including plants, facilities, or properties […]

Lessons from Florida’s Failed Lift Stations

Florida’s diverse landscape and unique environmental conditions pose significant challenges to its wastewater management systems. Recent incidents of lift station failures across the state offer valuable lessons in understanding, preventing, and addressing these critical issues. By analyzing these failures, we can learn how to maintain efficient and safe sewage systems. The Underlying Causes of Lift […]