Photograph of an overhead view of green grass and sewer cesspool in a private house, open lid for inspection and maintenance.

How proper septic system maintenance can prevent tragedies like falling into a septic tank

Falling into a septic tank can lead to severe consequences. A North Port woman recently died after falling into her septic tank. Authorities believe she was gardening when the accident occurred. 

This incident is a tragic reminder of the critical importance of septic maintenance. If you live in Florida and have a septic system, working with a trusted company to perform regular inspections and repairs is crucial.

Septic systems deteriorate over time

If a septic system is not properly maintained and regularly pumped, the infrastructure could fail as a result of the sewage slowly deteriorating it. In the case of the North Port tragedy, it’s unclear whether lid to the septic tank had already collapsed, or was weakened to the point that it broke when the woman stepped on it. Regardless, the lack of attention to this septic system created a dangerous situation, and unfortunately, was the difference between life and death.

If you think your septic system may have collapsed, do not attempt to enter it. Contact a professional septic company immediately. 

How regular septic maintenance can prevent tragedies

A properly maintained and regularly inspected septic system is unlikely to collapse. That’s why ACE is so committed to inspecting our clients’ septic systems. As qualified professionals, we can check for structural damage and ensure the septic system is functioning correctly. Looking at details like the structural integrity of critical parts of the septic system, like the lid of the tank, falls within our job description too.

The average septic system should be inspected and pumped every three years. In-between scheduled appointments, pay attention to any issues that come up. For example, act accordingly if your drains are slow or your toilets are backing up. These could be signs that your septic system needs to be repaired or replaced.

If you live in an area with a high water table, your septic system may be at greater risk of failure. In this case, you may need to have your tank pumped more frequently than usual. 

Regular septic system maintenance is the best way to prevent accidents, and keep your septic system running smoothly. And remember to hire a professional contractor. DIY septic repairs are illegal and not permitted.

Protect your family with septic maintenance 

When people think about septic system failure, they usually imagine dealing with expensive contractor bills and other inconveniences. They rarely think about more serious consequences, like injury and death. 

But, as the tragedy in North Port shows, a failed septic system can lead to a dangerous situation. ACE Septic & Waste is doing everything possible to prevent accidents like this from occurring to Florida families. 

If you have any questions about septic maintenance or need to schedule an inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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