Commercial Lift Station Services

Keep your reputation and location clean

Every business needs commercial lift station services. The lift station outside your door may be discreetly underground, “out of sight, out of mind,” but it can bubble up into a big problem if it’s not monitored properly and inspected regularly. 

In business, a lift station backup usually means at least one day of downtime on top of costly emergency repairs. The mess can damage your brand, draw violations from your county, and ultimately harm your community. Let ACE keep your lift station in good standing.

Photograph of a blue cloudy sky, trees, and pavement in a Florida neighborhood with 3 large purple septic pump trucks in a line, like a fleet.

Lift station maintenance

Most counties in the Tampa area require commercial property tenants and/or owners to have a maintenance agreement with a professional contractor with inspections at least twice a year. Many business owners and property owners choose to have their lift stations checked more often—even as frequently as every month—for peace of mind.

Every ACE maintenance visit includes a thorough inspection of the following:

Icon showing a pump on a tank with a pipe going into water





Water Flow


Icon of a triangle with exclamation mark inside


Icon showing a control panel with a depiction of a dial on top of inputs.

Control Panels

If we find any malfunction or debris backup, we’ll give you our recommendations and estimate to address the issue quickly. If everything is running smoothly, we’ll see you for our next scheduled visit.

Lift station repair

ACE is the fastest team in town for emergency septic repairs. If your business is in an urgent situation with a failing lift station, there’s no time to waste. 


Call ACE for any and all repairs, including:

Photo of night truck

Maintenance makes a difference.

Routine maintenance check

$ 400


Example emergency repair

$ 40,000

Business owners and property managers: 

Leave the dirty work to ACE.

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