Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 Explained

Florida, renowned for its stunning landscapes, unique weather patterns, and vibrant ecosystems, faces distinctive environmental challenges.

Florida legislature recently enacted the Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 to address these issues and safeguard the state’s natural treasures. The landmark legislation has profound implications for landowners, homeowners, and local governments.

In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll break down the critical points of this crucial law, discuss its impact on various stakeholders, and shed light on how we can help homeowners as Florida’s premier OSTDS maintenance, inspection, installation, and repair provider. ACE Septic & Waste is committed to protecting our state’s natural resources.

Understanding Florida’s Unique Environmental Challenges

Florida’s geographical and meteorological characteristics make it susceptible to environmental challenges that set it apart from other states. Its low-lying terrain, high water table, and propensity for extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and heavy rainfall, create a complex environmental landscape. This uniqueness demands tailored solutions and legislation.

Key Points of Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379

Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 into law on May 23, 2023. Its primary aim is to alleviate the environmental impacts of septic tanks on Florida’s water quality.

Specific issues addressed by the bill include:

  1. Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS): The bill focuses on regulating OSTDS, which are essential in Florida’s regions without access to centralized sewage systems. Proper maintenance and inspection of these systems are crucial for environmental preservation and public health.
  2. Septic System Inspection and Maintenance: Homeowners and landowners must regularly inspect and maintain their septic systems to ensure they meet regulatory standards. These parameters not only prevent pollution but also extend the lifespan of these systems, reducing long-term costs.
  3. Local Government Oversight: Local governments are empowered to enforce septic system regulations and work closely with experts to ensure compliance. This collaborative approach promotes efficient and effective oversight.
  4. Subsidized Programs: Florida recognizes the financial burden of septic system maintenance. To alleviate this burden, the state has initiated subsidized programs that allows reputable companies like ACE Septic & Waste to offer affordable septic upgrades.

Impact on Stakeholders

The Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 has far-reaching implications for various stakeholders, including:


Landowners are among the primary stakeholders affected by Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379. This legislation places a heightened responsibility on landowners to actively protect Florida’s delicate ecosystems.

OSTDS, prevalent in many areas of the state, require vigilant maintenance and proper management to prevent contamination and environmental damage. By ensuring that their septic systems meet regulatory standards, landowners contribute significantly to protecting Florida’s natural resources. ACE Septic & Waste is ready to assist landowners in meeting these obligations.


For homeowners, the legislation brings about a paradigm shift in how they approach septic systems. Regular septic system maintenance is no longer a matter of choice; it’s a legal requirement. This shift, while potentially seen as an added responsibility, is ultimately in the best interest of homeowners.

By adhering to these regulations, homeowners can avoid costly septic system repairs and, more importantly, prevent contamination that could endanger public health and the environment. 

Local Governments:

Local governments in Florida gain greater authority and responsibility under the Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379. They are empowered to enforce regulations related to OSTDS and ensure that septic systems within their jurisdictions comply with the law.

This newfound authority comes with the expectation that local governments will actively engage with septic system experts, like ACE Septic & Waste, to ensure these regulations’ efficient and effective implementation. Collaborative efforts between local governments and experienced septic system service providers are crucial to achieving compliance.

ACE Septic & Waste: Your Trusted Partner

As a leader in OSTDS maintenance, inspection, installation, and repair, ACE Septic & Waste is at the forefront of implementing Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379. We understand the critical role we play in ensuring compliance with these regulations.

Our services and principles are aligned with the spirit and objectives of this legislation:

  1. Experience: With years of experience serving Florida’s diverse regions, ACE Septic & Waste is intimately familiar with the state’s unique environmental challenges. We are well-prepared to assist landowners, homeowners, and local governments in meeting their responsibilities under this new law.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: We stay up-to-date with all relevant regulations and work closely with local governments to ensure that our services meet the law’s requirements.
  3. Efficient Installations: We design and implement systems that meet the highest environmental and regulatory standards for landowners and homeowners requiring septic system installations or upgrades.
  4. Comprehensive Services: ACE provides regular maintenance and cleaning services beyond installation to keep septic systems operating at peak efficiency.
  5. Local Reputation: ACE Septic & Waste has built a stellar reputation in the Tampa and Central Florida regions for our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Take Action: Partner with ACE

Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 is necessary to protect and preserve the environment. As a responsible citizen, landowner, or homeowner, you must ensure compliance with this law.

ACE Septic & Waste is ready to help. Our experienced team offers comprehensive septic system services that align with the law’s objectives. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover how to keep your septic system in top condition. With ACE, you’re in good hands.

Shaping Florida’s Future Responsibly

Florida’s Environmental Bill CS/CS/HB 1379 marks a significant step toward ensuring the responsible management of OSTDS. With its distinctive geological and meteorological challenges, the state requires legislation tailored to its specific needs.

ACE Septic & Waste is proud to be a vital part of this endeavor, supporting landowners, homeowners, and local governments to comply with this legislation and preserve Florida’s natural beauty for generations to come.

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